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Happy Friday!

For those of you who love Batman must go see Christian Bale in his latest movie The Dark Knight Rises. I just came back from the theaters and it was amazing! I was one of the few lucky individuals that was able to see this movie before it played at theaters across America. I would definitely give it 5 stars and say that it was the best movie. Anne Hathaway was a super sexy catwoman and what a great addition to the cast. Let’s check out some of her recent movie premiere fashions and movie outfits.

Anne Hathaway - Stars at 'The Dark Knight Rises' after party

Anne Hathaway - Cillian Murphy seen arriving to the European premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises' in Leicester Square in London

This feline felon has great style. Elegance with a new hair style. What a stunning Gucci halter gown.

What purrfection.

Just love this classic movie femme outfit.

An appropriate catwoman hat.

Anne Hathaway Catwoman The Dark Knight Rises new still.jpg

Every woman should have this outfit in her closet.


Wednesday Fashion: Inspired by Lao Tradition

There is no better way to honor Lao fashion than with bold colors and golden silk. Laos is known for their amazing bold colored silks. I am so inspired by beautiful and bright colors.


Ever since I moved out here to Colorado, I have forgotten how to make many of my home traditional foods I love so much. I was raised from a very traditional Lao upbringing where my parents never took us out to eat. We always had family meals my dad would make for us.  He would make us Lao entrees with home grown ingredients from my mother’s garden.  Mainly, traditional Lao food requires fresh organic ingredients, tons of vegetables and herbs, and is spicy with a sweet and sour taste. Have you tried Lao food?

Papaya Salad. My favorite.



Spicy Laotion Beef Salad


I am glad my dad is coming this weekend! I can’t wait to enjoy his home cooking!




Happy Monday!

Last weekend, I was working on getting organized and then realized it is almost that time of year to head up to the Ely cabin. Oh my how times past by so fast. I am getting vacation anticipation. Every year during the summer, we head up to the middle of nowhere cabin way up north right at the Canadian border far. It is total isolation with no people or city life.  It is all about wildlife living up there. The cabin we stay in is made from cedar wood with expanse windows overlooking the beautiful water. See some of my favorite cabins and cabin lifestyles.

Das Haus am See

water. like. glass.



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