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Seriously, what is the deal with this Sophie?

I know I am a bit behind on the baby updates because I just had my first little one a couple of months ago, but seriously what is the deal with this Sophie the Giraffe. I received this 7” H toy as a gift and Bear has loved her ever since he was able to grab something. Every morning and throughout the day, he loves to touch it and put it in his mouth every way or direction he can possibly do. He is so entertained by this expensive toy (I personally feel it is quite pricy for my budget). I have read the reviews and it seems that everyone loves it and gives it a 5 star rating. I am grateful for my lovely friend who gave Sophie to us and it has been an essential daily toy for Bear.  Do you have Sophie and has your peanut enjoyed her?



Baby Budget Find: Baby Bear is a pacifier baby. He loves his pacifiers and they are like mute buttons. I received some pacifier clips as a gift for our baby shower and I have used them everyday since. They have been a lifesaver because I never lose the pacifiers, they are always right next to him, and they stay clean from the dirty ground. I also have not had to replace them yet. I think they are pretty reasonably priced starting from $4 for one. I also have  compared several brands and they are pretty comparable. I think any would work just fine. Check them out. I am sure you will be glad you did.

Product Details

Since being a first time mommy and not really knowing what I am still doing, I want to be true to the same old me. I try to be on trend and select classic looks that will not break the bank. I want to share with you one of my first purchases I made for the new mommy journey I now live in. I hate the look baby bags because they are bulky so I found a purse/tote that serves the same purpose and functions. I absolutely love my Prada VELA fabric tote with nylon and saffiano calf leather bag used as a baby bag. The fabric is amazingly durable and wipeable for messes. I have had other VELA fabric bags that are about 7 years old and you will not ever need to replace it- it last forever. I use it everyday and the size is perfect for all those many baby items. Additionally, I use it as my everyday purse to go shopping, run errands, and etc…

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