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Happy Monday.

I am back at home from my BWCA getaway and who would have thought that I miss that place. I am still thinking about the cabin we stayed in and how it made me feel. I truly enjoyed the rustic interiors of cabin living. For those who know me, I am more of a city girl and not a country wilderness kind of gal. However, ever since experiencing the fresh clean northern lake air and lodging in a cute warm and cozy cabin, I am surprised to say that I can live in a cabin year round. Of course only after adding a touch of a little modern glam with the earthly untouched interior pieces such as wood beams, it would make for an amazing space.


This is a perfect display of my kind of cabin living. I love the contrast between the white liens and the dark wood walls and bed frame.

These horns would look great against a stone fireplace and the wood logs could work as interior accessories. Check out the how this interior designer uses wood logs in their design. It makes it look so rustic.


What a perfect dining space. The huge stone fireplace makes this space warm and cozy. It sure makes me want to cuddle up with the wool throw and drink all that wine on the table and never leave.



What an entry to inspire! I just love the stone floors and the wood walls. It makes it truly an inviting space for a great cabin retreat.

Have you stayed in a cabin lately? What is your cabin style?



Happy Monday!

Last weekend, I was working on getting organized and then realized it is almost that time of year to head up to the Ely cabin. Oh my how times past by so fast. I am getting vacation anticipation. Every year during the summer, we head up to the middle of nowhere cabin way up north right at the Canadian border far. It is total isolation with no people or city life.  It is all about wildlife living up there. The cabin we stay in is made from cedar wood with expanse windows overlooking the beautiful water. See some of my favorite cabins and cabin lifestyles.

Das Haus am See

water. like. glass.



Interior of the Day

As I was reading my home interior magazine, Traditional Home, I came across this guest bedroom that I just thought was perfect for me. Since I am on a black and white scheme fixation, the dramatic black and white colors grabbed my attention. Most of the time when you see those colors, to me at times it feels cold; however, this designer made it feel elegant and warm. The inspiring room was by Joy Tribout. Let’s check out some of her amazing creations.

Joy Tribout Interior Design

Joy Tribout Interior Design

Joy Tribout Interior Design

Love her attention to details. So elegant.

Joy Tribout Interior Design

Joy Tribout Interior Design

Joy Tribout Interior Design

Source: Joy Tribout Interior Design, Tradition Home

Do you like her style? Can you create a similar look for your home?

This has been quite the busy week! I hope everyone enjoyed their independence day celebration. As for me, I had a fun evening at home with friends and family. But before I began cooking for our guests, I took a walk with my little girls. I have two little yorkshire terriers (Moosey and Bunny). As we were walking around the neighborhood, I spotted several great front entries so I decided to share with you my favorites.

black. white. green.

Inexpensive website to order monogram wood letters.

front door entry

How does your front door entry look like? Do you change the look for every season?

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