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The Bumbo. I use this baby seat every day! When Bear reached 3 months of age, I started using it. It allowed him to sit up early in the infant stage and he continues to enjoy sitting in it. It permits him to be with me everywhere around the house. When I am cooking in the kitchen or getting ready in the morning, I simply place the Bumbo on an even surface with supervision of course. This seat has helped me out tremendously when I need to complete quick tasks. Without this seat, I know my days would be longer and my list of mommy “to dos” would be endless. Many of my mommy friends also enjoy this Bumbo and in fact, they gave it to me as a baby gift.

However, I have heard of warnings on this product and I feel that people may have used this product incorrectly. As for me, I have not had any issues. I do not put him in it for long periods of time and he is always supervised when sitting in it. I wish they would make these seats for adults.


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